Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

4 February 2024

Flowers can and will create the wow factor at any Wedding and at any time of year. They can transform a Wedding venue from an empty space to a spectacular celebration!

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Whether you choose to adorn your venue with overspilling blooms, install hanging floral installations to dine under, create the perfect flower-arch backdrop for your “I do’s”, or simply scatter petals down the aisle, flowers can create the perfect ambiance to style your celebration.

With options from flowers, to foliage, trees or potted plants, the world of Wedding flowers is today far stretching- so you can perfectly create the floral décor to reflect the colour & style of your Wedding.

Real Vs Synthetic

Real flowers are without a doubt the “traditional” option for Wedding flowers. With a natural feel and a signature scent, real Wedding flowers will always be a gorgeous addition to any Wedding. But with a wonderful selection of synthetic flowers available, the synthetic flower route is definitely one worth considering.

When you’re thinking about your Wedding flowers, particularly if you’re planning to use real flowers for your Wedding Day, consider not only your colour palette but also the types of flowers you would ideally want and how they might be grown.

Out of season varieties and specific colours, may need to be either shipped from warmer climates or grown in heated greenhouses… neither of which are particularly “green” options and all of which can come with a price tag. Using seasonal flowers & foliage from locally sourced growers can hugely reduce the environmental impact of your Wedding flowers, whilst still creating a striking floral effect for your Wedding Day.

Depending on the style of arrangements you’re looking for, always consider some statement foliage to compliment your floral designs. Not only with they add some texture and depth of colour to your bouquets, but they’ll also be kind to your budget! Always be sure to store real flowers correctly, especially if you’re marrying in either the cooler months or very hot months, as the temperature can impact the beauty and longevity of your blooms.

Despite my love of real, fresh flowers, synthetic flowers continue to be one of my personal, favourite options for Wedding flowers. I can’t argue that the environmental credentials of synthetic flowers, may be questionable, but with so many advantages to using them, the benefits I feel still outweigh the disadvantages. They’re not the cheap, plastic offerings of the past- today they come in a fantastic array of colours, flower types, sizes, and materials, so beautiful that you’ll question whether they are in fact real! I still have the my Wedding bouquet (from 12 years ago!), made of the most exquisite, velvety red (synthetic) roses, and it looks just as good as it did on the day (if a little bit dustier!). I also transformed my centre-piece flowers into a Christmas wreath… which just shows the versatility and re-usability of synthetic flowers.

Ultimately, if it’s flowers that you’re looking for, both real and synthetic flowers are fantastic options for your Wedding Day. Consider which works best with your time, budget, style & theme- ultimately what works best for you, because whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a fabulous floral display for your Wedding Day.

Essex Flower Farms

There are a huge number of flower farms bursting into bloom across Essex- in fact over the whole of the UK; as we creep ever closer to Spring! Where you can, think about using British, locally grown and seasonal blooms for your Wedding flowers.

You'll not only be supporting local businesses, but using locally sourced and seasonal flowers will also give you the opportunity to use a “greener” option for your Wedding Day florals…. As well as helping the local bee population too! Seasonal blooms are always a wonderful way to embrace the time of year, and are an absolute must for anyone planning to style their Wedding around the season.

Give your florist an idea of your colour theme and the style of florals that you’re looking for and let them work their magic to create the most beautiful arrangements using the best, in-season flowers for your Wedding. And with an array of options available during each of the seasons, you're sure to have an exquisite selection of flowers to choose from.

If you’re hands-on and plan to arrange your own Wedding Day florals, or whether you choose a local florist to create your bouquets and installations for you, there’s always the option of sourcing your Wedding flowers and foliage locally. Many flower farms offer the option to source blooms directly, either to style yourself or share with your florist. Contact them for more information on available options… and if you need any help don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

Flower alternatives

No-one said that you had to use flowers on your Wedding Day. There’s a huge variety of alternative designs to suit Weddings and special events, which are just as attractive and often a little more original, for anyone contemplating an alternative to Wedding flowers. Whether you’re looking for a little something different, or traditional with an alternative twist, here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Dried flowers- growing in popularity and just perfect for a boho or festival style Wedding. Alternatively, dried flowers work well mixed with seasonal flowers for an Autumnal styling. Dried flowers can produce some stunning effects ranging from a pop of vibrant colour to elegant muted tones- with options to fit every style.
  • Paper flowers- these can make some stunning bouquets and can even be personalised to your theme, colour & personality. To add even more originality, you can use photos or pages from your favourite book… the possibilities are endless.
  • Brooch bouquets- although probably not the lightest option, a brooch bouquet can certainly add a dash of glamour to a Wedding and can be themed in any colourway you choose. They can be created just using brooches or combined with flowers or other decorations for a more subtle, yet sophisticated effect.
  • Wooden flowers are an unusual alternative for a Wedding bouquet and could be perfect for a natural-themed Wedding.
  • Succulents, cacti and air plants can make fantastic table centres and decorations on their own, but can also be easily combined with other flowers. The versatility of these plants is expansive, and they can last for a good period of time without water due to their waxy-leafed nature. They can be used in bouquets, boutonnières and table decorations and can be a great and unusual foliage alternative.
  • Whilst we’re on the topic of alternative plant selections, why not consider a collection of house plants or tropical plants either as cuttings in a selection of vases or even potted. They could even double up as Wedding favours for your guests.
  • Candles are a traditional and elegant décor option- let’s face it, you can never have enough candles at a Wedding! They can look truly stunning combined with some statement foliage and whether you choose lanterns, candelabras or tealight glasses, you’re sure to achieve a timeless, romantic ambiance. Combine with some cut-glass decanters for an alternative twist, which can achieve stunning effects as the flickering candle-light catches the patterns of the glass.
  • Fruit (whole or cut) can create a beautifully Summery Wedding décor. Think oranges, lemons, peaches and pineapples in a variety of arrangements. They can give a great pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome table. For a more Wintery version, think about adding dried orange and cinnamon sticks, for a fragrant Winter-twist.
  • Statement Foliage, for example laurel, eucalyptus, olive branches, fern, rosemary or even lavender can be woven to form a stunning green table runner. Interposing with candles of varying heights and designs can create a beautifully simple, yet elegant effect.
  • Books, can be an unusual but clever table centre, a great idea for any marrying bookworms. You could choose books to reflect your personality or even the occasion and either choose older books for a traditional yet eclectic feel or new texts for a novel effect.
  • Drift wood can be a great option, particularly for an elegant beach themed Wedding. They work well with candles or air plants, to enhance their unusual yet natural beauty.
  • Balloons are a fun and whimsical décor option for some light-hearted reception décor.

Think about what you love and what compliments your style and theme, to make beautiful décor that’s a little bit alternative, but a lot more you!


The choice between real & synthetic flowers for your Wedding bouquet & décor can sometimes be a difficult one. So, I’ve explored what I believe to be the biggest considerations when choosing. But remember, you don’t have to have just one- a mix of real and synthetic flowers may give you the perfect balance and achieve the perfect décor for you.

  • Time, storage & transport
    Synthetic flower bouquets, boutonnieres and centre-pieces can be made far in advance of your Wedding Day- removing another burden from your Wedding Day list. They can be easily stored & transported and won’t wilt or diminish over time- making them a great option for destination Weddings.
  • Durability
    Synthetic flowers are also more durable, so could be a great option for younger members of the Wedding party! Take into account too, how long you need your flowers to last and what you intend to do with them afterwards- this may impact your decision of real or synthetic.
  • Quality
    With such diversity & quality of synthetic flowers available, it’s essential to always take the time to find the best quality synthetic flowers to match your style & colour scheme. If you choose real flowers, your florist will always find you the best blooms for your Wedding Day.
  • Cost
    Synthetic flowers are not necessarily the cheaper option- although this may depend on your choice of flowers, quantity and the season of your Wedding. One isn’t necessarily cheaper than the other- although fresh flowers would seem to be the obviously more expensive option, the best quality synthetic flowers have the potential to cost more. Being able to purchase synthetic flowers far in advance of your Wedding Day, may help you to spread the cost of your Wedding and potentially give you the opportunity to repurpose or sell-on afterwards.
  • Variety
    Depending on the season of your wedding, the flowers that you have your heart set on may just not be available at that time of year. Synthetic flowers may therefore be the best option. However, if you plan in advance with your florist, they can suggest flowers that are available at the time of your Wedding, to create a stunning bouquet with seasonally available flowers.
  • Colour
    If you have an exact colour scheme in mind, the likelihood is that you will be able to find synthetic flowers to match. With fresh flowers, florists will always match colours as best as they can but there will be an element of availability on the day. A scheme of colours will work well together and create beautiful depth to floral bouquets, whilst keeping colour options flexible.
  • Allergies
    If you have any flower allergy sufferers at your Wedding, then synthetic flowers could be the perfect solution, giving you the beauty of real flowers, without the discomfort.
  • Staining
    With real flowers, especially if you have exposed stems, you will always run the risk of marking your dress or suit with water, sap, or even pollen. Obviously, there is no risk of this with synthetic flowers, however do ensure that the ends of synthetic stems are smoothed. Most contain wires through the centre of the stems that can be sharp if cut, so be sure to either smooth or wrap the ends to prevent any snags, catches or scratches.
  • Appearance
    The appearance of fresh flowers compared to synthetic flowers is often difficult to discern. Real flowers however will always have a slightly superior look and feel, but some synthetic flowers do a great imitation! Beware of fraying petals on synthetic flowers too: be sure to choose your blooms carefully.
  • Scent
    The scent of real flowers is second to none and it would be very hard to replicate, there’s just something wholesome and delicious about a fragrant bouquet. The best alternative with synthetic flowers would be essential oils to bring a relaxing scent to your bouquet, but be careful that any oils don’t mark the flowers, or your Wedding Day attire (I’d dab a little on a piece of cloth and hide it inside the bouquet!).
  • Rentals
    The perfect consideration for environmentally conscious Weddings is the re-use and recycling of Wedding flowers, which is a big plus point for synthetic flowers. There are many décor companies across the county that can provide synthetic flowers and bouquets to hire for your Wedding Day, as you would with any other Wedding décor. This is a great option to reduce any wastage and ensure that your flowers will be used again and again and again.

What to do with your flowers after your Wedding

You spend so much time and devotion, carefully choosing your Wedding flowers, but come the end of the day, what do you do with them all?! Here are some ideas of what to do with your Wedding flowers, after your Wedding Day.

  • Keep them and enjoy them for as long as they last!
  • Donate them, for example to a local hospital, residential or care home.
  • Repurpose them- break down the bouquets and table centres and create some stunning displays for your home.
  • Give them as gifts to your Wedding guests.
  • Give them to the staff that have supported your Wedding.
  • Preserve your flowers- this can be done in many ways, including drying, wax dipping, freeze drying to name a few. Some of these methods can be done at home, however professionals can maintain the colour of your flowers more precisely. Once preserved there are so many options for you to display your flowers, from encasing in resin, framing or storing in glass.
  • Press your flowers. Again, once pressed you have a multitude of options of how your wish to display them.
  • Have them made into coasters, paper weights, guitar picks and so many other interesting & usable items. Make them into something!
  • Make them into jewellery- a beautiful idea for anniversaries and heirlooms.
  • Paint them (or ask an artist to!).

Just remember, if you’re planning on preserving your flowers, be sure to store them correctly to prevent any fading or damage. Consider in advance what your plans are and contact the preserver in advance for appropriate storage and shipping advice

What ever you choose, be sure to enjoy your beautiful flowers and keep them as a reminder of your fabulous Wedding Day!

Due to copyright laws, I sadly cannot share some of my favourite images on this blog. However, for more inspiration and ideas check out my pins on Pinterest.

Questions for your Floral Designer

With your Wedding Floral Design having such a huge impact on the aesthetic and atmosphere of your Wedding, you need to be sure that you’re choosing the right florist and designer to create the perfect floral display to suit your Wedding style and theme.

So to help you choose the perfect Wedding Floral Designer for you, download my guide to Questions to ask your Floral Designer, in a handy PDF format, ready to print and take along with you to your floral consultations. Simply enter your details below to receive your free copy.

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Essex Wedding Planner - Focus Sessions
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Essex Wedding Planner - On the Day
On the day co-ordination for your Wedding Day peace of mind... letting you focus on what's important! Hand over your carefully curated Wedding Plans to an expert co-ordinator to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Essex Wedding Planner - Everything from Yes
Full Wedding Planning support, for the very best Wedding Planning experiece. A reliable & experienced planner by your side, for help & guidance every step of the way.

Essex Wedding Planner - The Finishing Touches
A flexible approach to Wedding Planning, giving you the opportunity of a more hands-on approach, whilst having expert support & guidance to finalise the last details.

Essex Wedding Planner - Focus Sessions
Help, support, ideas & inspiration, to keep your Wedding Planning on track. Hourly sessions to help you focus on your plan, develop your concepts, identify your priorities and assemble your next steps.